Off-Grid Power & Lighting


AVA Power Wind Turbine

AVA 100
AVA100 Renewable Energy Solution is an Off Grid Renewable Power Solution that integrates AVA Power Wind Turbine with a solar array to harness both nature’s solar and wind power sources to charge technology advanced Lithium-Ion batteries.

It is great for many applications where you need power but it is not easily accessible.

The AVA100 Renewable Energy solution integrates the following components with the AVA Wind Turbine:

Solar Panels
Poly-crystalline silicon solar panels are added as a secondary power source. They are installed facing south to ensure maximum exposure to the sun.

Charge Controllers
Smart charge controllers maximize the amount of power being produced by the wind turbine and solar panel. The controllers prevent overcharging and overvoltage of the batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries
The power generated is stored for use when you need it in the lightweight and compact Lithium Ion Batteries. The Lithium Ion Batteries have a long lifetime and its advanced, proprietary housing makes the solution very temperature stable and which maximizes the life of the batteries.


AVA S-Series

AVA S-Series

The AVA S-Series integrates the components in the AVA100 renewable power solution with a LED Light and an alumninum pole to provide an outdoor lighting solution great for parks and parking lots.

This innovative design provides a great option for property owners that want to be environmentally conscious, provide an economical solution for lighting or need lighting where running power is not feasible.

Off Grid Building Solution with Solar and Wind