Wind Energy

Wind Energy is one of the cleanest energy resources available. The United States has a great resource of potential wind energy. The US Dept of Energy has a goal of having 20% of the US energy needs generated with wind energy by 2030.

How do wind turbines work?
This renewable energy resource is harnessed by wind turbines. Turbines create electricity by turning a generator via the wind force created on the turbine blade assembly. The generator is connected to an inverter that transforms the electricity produced into a usable energy source.

Does my location have enough wind?
Wind Turbines are only effective if your location has enough wind to power the turbine. Typically, wind turbines need to be above a structure’s roof line and above the local tree line to get sufficient wind speed.

To get a general idea if your region has enough wind to make a wind turbine practical, you can look at general wind maps published by the Department of Energy. Typically, your region should have a minimum average wind speed above 10 mph.

Before making an investment into a wind turbine, you may want to measure wind at your exact location with an anemometer as wind resources can vary depending on topography and structure interferance. In addition, an anemometer can help you determine the optimal placement of a wind turbine at your location.

Which anemometer should I buy?

AVA Power recommends the Rainwise Wind Data logger since it is easy to install as well as stores the collected wind data until it is convenient to download to your computer.

Additional Information
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